Benninghoven MBA 160

Modelo:Benninghoven MBA 160
Año de Fabricación: 2001
Núm de stock E01877AT

<b>Type:</b> Asphalt mixing plant<br /><b>Field of application:</b> Construction<br /><b>Applicable material:</b> Asphalt<br /><b>Extra's:</b><ul><li></li></ul><br />Mobile Asphalt Plant MBA 160, 160 tph, two sets three feed hoppers with feeders and collecting conveyors, RAX-Jet 03 oilburner 350-1400 Kg/h EL burner capacity, mobile screen and mixing unit with control cab, 4 graduations screen assembly, 2008 HAS 90 computer system, 42000 Nm3/h dust assembly, included two 27.000ltr Diesel tanks. All manuals and history available, previous operator can assist in future jobs.<br />

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