BOXLOADER Side loader 2016 On stock 3-assig liftas

Modelo: Side loader 2016 On stock 3-assig liftas
Año de Fabricación: 2016
Accesorios 2 x 20 ft, 3-Assig, 20 ft, 20 ft midden, 30 ft, 40 ft, BPW-Assen, Hydrauliek, Hydraulische afstempeling, Kraan, Liftas, Stuuras, Twistlocks
Tipo de suspensión Air-air
Núm interno de stock C198

2016 model Boxloader! 35 tons - Capacity certified by DEKRA Dynamic testing : 38.5 tons Static testing : 43.7 tons Transfers to other trailers Double stacking of 2 HC containers loaded on the ground Operations through SafeBox Electronic stability system with display of container's weight This sidelifter complies with European Union machinery directive 2006/42 EC that came in force on 29/12/2009 Radio remote (2 radios delivered) 2 speed operations : slow / fast Autonomous emergency stop Manual centralized greasing Extra stabilizer leg 2 x Camera Disc brakes ADR New price € 145.000,- Now directly available for € 135.000,-

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