Carmix 5.5 XL med Cementsilo 40 ton

Uciación: SUECIA
Modelo:Carmix 5.5 XL med Cementsilo 40 ton
Año de Fabricación: 2008
Horas de uso 1962
Número de serie B55225
Núm interno de stock 1130
Certificado CE Yes

Capacity 7600 liters, ready-mix concrete approximately 5.5 m3 per charge. Double mixing screws, cover for emergency emergency drain. Drum rotation by hydraulic motor and planetary reducers. Mixing and discharge rate in rellation to the speed of the diesel engine. Win Scale PC/data. Crab steering. Tyres Dunlop 445 / 65R 22.5 / SP 282. Cement Silo with screw, 40 tonnes on the stand. 32 amp connection. Information and data submitted by our clients.

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