Caterpillar Ripper fits CAT 12M 140M 160M Motor Grader

Precio:€ 7.500
Uciación: Schiemerik 1
Mini-sitio del vendedor: Big Machinery B.V.
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Fax: +31 (0)418 633 108
Modelo:Caterpillar Ripper fits CAT 12M 140M 160M Motor Grader
Año de Fabricación: 2018
Color base Yellow
PESO 1,200.00 kg

Layout: Deep cultivator

Multi-Shank Parallelogram style Ripper
1 cylinder
Ripper designed to accept OEM style parts (Including Cylinder and Seal Kits)
Paint is yellow
Ripper ships assembled complete with mounting bolts

Complete Ripper Set Including:

Ripper Structure
Five Ripper Shanks with Five Tips
1 Cylinder
Cylinder Hoses
Mounting Bolts

Shipping Specs

Length: 1,75 m
Width: 2.28 m
Height: 1.2m
Weight: 1.2 ton
Dimensions: 175x228x120

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