Faraone PKS65 Tires Special

Uciación: SUECIA
Modelo: PKS65 Tires Special
Año de Fabricación: 2016
Núm interno de stock 11757
Certificado CE Yes

FEATURES Minimal handling of tires and wheels during loading onto and removing from shelves For ergonomic handling of tires and wheels DETAILS Lifting height: 5.300 mm / 5.3 meters Lifting capacity: 100 kg / 220 lbs Batteries: 2 pcs. 12V The capacity of the batteries gives the possibility to handle tires in and out of shelves 130 times which means to drive 20 meter and lift up and down to maximum and minimum height 130 times Battery Charger: 230/12V, built-in Color: Dark grey RAL 7016 / Orange Driving speed with the basket at low position: 0.8 meters/second Driving speed with the basket at high position: 0.2 meters/second Raising time of the basket: 0.2 meters/second

Nota: ESTE ÍTEM NO ESTÁ HABILITADO PORQUE HA EXPIRADO - please see all Carretillas Elevadoras Suecias »

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